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Mr. Sun Teashop

Mr. Sun is originated from Taiwanese Red Sun Tea Shop in 1999.  Our unique drinks are widely accepted by the Taiwan public and become hot sellers.  

Red Sun Teashop accepted numerous interviews from different media press, leading it to become one of the celebrity tea brands in Taiwan.  Further to our quality and innovative drinks, the media named us as “the Thomas Alva Edison in the tea industry” in Taiwan.  We are the first to introduce drinks such as “Heineken Green Tea”, “Mr. Sun Special”, and “Cheese Milk Foam Oolong Tea”, etc.  And our brand is now representative of the guaranteed product quality. 

Handmade Tapioca


Mr. Sun further invented new tapioca formula, which replaced unhealthy traditional tapioca.  The new tapioca formula has less chemical additives and we made them fresh on site in a transparent environment, so that we can make sure our ingredients are fresh and healthy.  Every single tapioca is carefully created with proper temperature, moisture level, procedure, and ingredients. 


Why Our Tapioca Matters


Mr. Sun professionally Handmade Bubble Shop combined “natural collagen”, and “jelly powder” into the tapioca, it contains 30% less fat than the traditional tapioca. Furthermore, more than 18 flavors were invented, such as mango, strawberry, Japanese green tea, sesame and black sugar…etc.  It will seduce your sweetest taste of happiness and makes it memorable.

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